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Trademark Name:BEST & LESS
Clothing; Shoes; Baby's Suits; Swimwear; Dance Clothes; Caps; Socks; Gloves (Clothing); Scarves; Belts
Price Range:$5,000
Nice Class: 25
Expiration Date:2020-03-27
Trademark Name:BEST & LESS | NIce Class:25
Goods and Services:Shampoo; Cleanser Lotion; Shampoo; Conditioner; Polishing Cream; Abrasive Cream; Cosmetic Fragrances; Cosmetics; Cosmetic Cleaners; Animal Cosmetics
Price Range:$27,772
Nice Class: 3
Expiration Date:2026-07-13
Trademark Name:CYSTIPHANE BIORGA | NIce Class:3
Trademark Name:NOW BOLOGON
Goods and Services:Clothing; Underwear; Babies; Swimwear; Shoes; Caps; Gloves (Clothing); Scarves; Belts; Socks
Price Range:$9,257
Nice Class: 25
Expiration Date:2028-02-13
Trademark Name:NOW BOLOGON | NIce Class:25
Trademark Name:FLRISA
Goods and Services:(Animal) Leather; Backpack; Trekking Poles; Briefcase; Travel Bag (Box); Leather Lace; Wallet; Umbrella; Handbag; Sports Bag
Price Range:$10,188
Nice Class: 18
Expiration Date:2024-01-13
Trademark Name:FLRISA | NIce Class:18
Trademark Name:XKS
Goods and Services:Semiconductors;headphones;navigation equipment;surveying and mapping equipment;electrical wires;phone cases;glasses;batteries;counters;computers
Price Range:$1,851
Nice Class: 9
Expiration Date:2027-09-06
Trademark Name:XKS | NIce Class:9
Trademark Name:PURADA
Goods and Services:Boiler pipes (tubes) for heating devices;freezers;flushing devices;flashlights;water purification devices;water sterilizers;water softening equipment and devices;electric heaters;air reheaters
Price Range:$5,555
Nice Class: 11
Expiration Date:2027-05-27
Trademark Name:PURADA | NIce Class:11